Segment 1: What's in a Name?


  1. View the video presentation. View the video in its entirety before beginning the next session. Do not skip any parts. If you need to take a break or log out of the program, your video progress will be saved.
  2. Discuss Father Mike’s final question. Each video ends with a thought-provoking question related to the presentation. Take a few minutes to discuss with your spouse, or if you’re completing the program on your own, take a few minutes to think and pray about it.
  3. Complete the Check Your Understanding section (scroll to the bottom of the page). You will have multiple attempts to progress.

Note: If you need to log-out of the program, your progress will be saved. When you log in again, you will be able to pick up where you left off and all of the sessions you have completed will be marked as completed.

Video Summary

This video examines the beauty and meaning behind a name.

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